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Payment Policy

Backflip Gymnastics has been operating since September 2008, we have worked with literally thousands of families and have always endeavoured to deliver high-quality tuition with unbeatable value. Since we realise that trust and transparency are essential to our relationship with parents, we appreciate just how important it is for our customers not to face any hidden costs or nasty surprises with their monthly tuition payments.

At Backflip Gymnastics we offer all children the chance to try one class to ensure they enjoy it free of charge. After your trial, when you book your child into a class with us, payment for their classes is taken upfront, 1 month in advance plus the membership. After that, payments will be taken as a monthly instalment. All our payments are regulated by Stripe and secured safely.

Monthly Tuition Payments

Easy Monthly Payments– Although many children’s clubs charge fees in advance for a full term at the very beginning of that term, our experience has shown that such an approach makes life harder for parents by asking them for a greater outlay up front. Instead, we like to help spread your costs evenly throughout the year, so we offer an easy monthly payment system for your child’s tuition. The added benefit of this method is that you do not have to re-register every term to keep your place at our clubs: charging monthly enables us to guarantee your place on an ongoing basis. We are open 50 weeks of the year and only close for 2 weeks Christmas Holidays and Bank Holidays.
Monthly Class Dates – We are able to operate the fixed cost monthly payment system because we timetable our classes in advance for the full year ahead.

Class Cancellation

Missed Classes – We appreciate that from time to time your child will be unable to attend their classes. Unfortunately, however, we cannot offer to refund you the cost of the class on such occasions even if they have missed the session for reasons beyond their control.

Cancelled Classes – On occasion, we will be forced to cancel classes because of circumstances beyond our control, such as venue closures due to adverse weather conditions. On these occasions, we are unable to refund the class, but we will, where possible provide a make-up class instead as appropriate compensation.

Make-up Classes – A make-up class is an extra session added to the typical club calendar after an unexpected cancellation. The make-up classes are therefore provided at no extra charge on top of the usual monthly payments, as they are offered in place of the session missed through the un-timetabled cancellation. In the event of a make-up class being arranged at short notice, we will always email you in advance to confirm the new time, date and venue of the substitute session. A make up class can also be organised if you have missed a class due to sickness or holidays. To organise a make up class please email us to

Membership and Tuition Cancellation

Free Trial – We understand at Backflip Gymnastics that it is essential for children to try the class before they commit to attending. For this reason, we offer all children a free trial class. Please note that once the child has decided to join their chosen class after the free trial no refunds will be given unless you wish to terminate your contract.

Cancellation Notice Period – If you wish to cancel your membership with Backflip Gymnastics, we are unable to offer you a refund on your child’s tuition. In the unlikely event that you are completely unsatisfied with our services and wish to terminate your account, we will always require a two full month notice period in advance of your payments ending. (For example the whole of November and the whole of December. If you give notice on the 14th of the month, notice will start from the 1 st of the following month). Many children’s clubs charge in advance for the full term ahead and, if you cancel your classes part way through the term, a refund will generally not be offered because you have taken up a class space that could have been offered to another child. At Backflip Performers we guarantee you a class place for as long as you are a member, with no need to re-register each term, so although we charge monthly rather than up front for each term the same principle about class space applies. Please note that the Coach can change at any time, it is not guaranteed that your child will always have the same coach. If you wish to cancel your membership please email us at We also budget our expenses, such as staffing costs and facilities hire, based on the number of paying students to present each month for every class type at each of our clubs. We simply could not operate a financially viable program without requiring a cancellation notice period, therefore, as we absolutely need to know in advance exactly how many children need tuition every month. To help us to continue offering our easy monthly payment system, and so we can sustainably offer a reliable coaching program in the future, we ask that customers follow the rules when terminating their account and ending their tuition by adhering to a two-month cancellation policy under any circumstances

Cancellation Period Disputes – We aim to be very transparent about our two-month cancellation policy, providing clear advice up front which enables our prospective customers to make an informed decision about joining Backflip Gymnastics. We, therefore, ask that you also abide by our rules when deciding to leave the club. If your child does not want to continue for two more months and you do not wish to pay for the notice period, we are nonetheless firm over our policy. However, we always endeavour to find a solution that suits all parties. In addition to addressing the problem and improving our services, we hope to find you suitable alternative class options such as a different day, time or venue. We may also be able to transfer the notice period to another family member should this be required. We believe that the Backflip Gymnastics pricing and cancellation system is far more flexible than other children’s clubs. Indeed other clubs often charge an upfront, lump-sum bill which is nontransferable to siblings, whilst not allowing customers to change club or class times within their membership. In contrast, we offer easy monthly payments, help with changing class times or venues, and even a transferable notice period.

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