Little Flippers : Children aged 2-4 years old (pre school)

Flippers : Children aged 4-6 years

Backflippers : Children aged 7-11 years

To allow for Social Distancing in-between classes and to safely get parents and children out the building, please see new start times during this time:

Monday to Friday Classes

No Change to Little Flipper Classes

4pm Classes: Normal start time

5pm Classes: Start time 5.05pm - Finish Time 6.05pm

6pm Classes: Start Time 6.10pm - Finish Time 7.10pm

Saturday Classes

9.15am - Normal start time

10am Classes: Start Time: 10:05am - Finish Time 11:05am

11am Classes: Start Time: 11:10am - Finish Time: 12:10pm

12pm Classes: Start Time: 12:15pm - Finish Time: 1.15pm

1pm Classes: Start Time: 1.20pm - Finish Time: 2:20pm

3pm Classes: Normal Start Time

4pm Classes: Start Time: 4:05pm - Finish Time: 5:05pm

Many thanks for your help and patience

9:15 AM Little Flipper
10 AM Flipper Beginner
10:30 AM Little Flipper Little Flipper Little Flipper
11 AM Backflip Beginner
11:15 AM Little Flipper Little Flipper Little Flipper
12 PM Flipper Advanced
1 PM Backflip Advanced
2:15 PM Little Flipper Little Flipper Little Flipper
3 PM Little Flipper Little Flipper Little Flipper Flipper Beginner
4 PM Flipper Beginner Flipper Beginner Flipper Advanced Flipper Beginner Little Flipper
5 PM Backflip Beginner Flipper Advanced Backflip Advanced Flipper Beginner
4-5:30 PM Flipper Squad
5:30-7 PM Backflip Squad
6 PM Backflip Advanced Backflip Beginner Backflip Squad Backflip Beginner
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